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ID-Box: Share, Sell or Buy creatives ideas, best practices or tips and Tricks ...

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Who we are? How does it work? Who we are? How does it work?

ID-Box : what is it ?

ID-Box is a virtual market place where Registration is free and intends to sell or share your IDs: your ideas, tips or your best practices.

ID-Box is a virtual showcase on the world based on a win-win system where There’s something for everyone, both contributing ideas (The IDtors) that researchers (the rIDers).

On ID-Box the genius is you !!

Any ideas with high added value that save time, money, in quality, safety, etc… made to benefit the ID-Notes by becoming IDtor. For this, sign up for free now, and submit your first idea !

After validation by our moderator ( IDrateur ) your ID will be sold on On each of your sales we give you 70% if the sale price is greater than 1€ or 50% if the sale price is less than or equal to 1€.

You seek ideas with high added value in any field of activity become rIDor. For this, sign up for free Now and surf the ID-Box to enjoy the IDs that interest you.

Caution ID-Box is not an organization of industrial or intellective protection. Industrial’s or intellective’s protection approaches are the responsibility and burden of the Contributor (IDtor).

How to propose an ID ?

1 If you have not already on, create an account (it's FREE),
2 Submit your idea by giving a description and the solution,
3 You set the price, the idea may be your choice for free or pay:
- Fixed price or you can allowed Customer,,
4 The idea is analyzed by the moderator,
5 If the idea is validated it is published on
- If the idea is not free, ID-nautes will see the solution only after the payment.
6 Each month-end ID-Box gives you back your share(*).

(*) :
Once your pool reaches € 50, ID-Box will reverse the charge via a Paypal account (Free). From this account, the ID-tor can transfer this money to the bank account of choice. No transfer fee between and Paypal will be billed to the ID-tor. Transfer money to an account Paypal is possible that 45 days later.

ID-Box can guide you and answer all your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us using our contact form.


ID-Box sharing site for tricks, good deals and best practices